Our Story

Imagine you’re walking down a cobblestone street with the warm beams of sunlight streaming through the lemon trees that lined the peach toned stucco facades of Southern France. Golden hour is at its peak and you glimpse to see what’s in the window displays at the myriad of boutiques you pass. You continue from shop to shop, amazed by crafts of the makers and artisans— how you wish you could stuff it all in your suitcase.

Strolling down the charming, winding streets of St. Tropez a few years back, I recall wishing there was a space for these small brands to be collected so that my friends and family back home could enjoy them, too.

Welcome to Rue Citrine, a virtual boutique dedicated to curating collections from independent, women-owned brands around the world. A beguiling avenue where you find all the most whimsically eye-catching pieces that make a house a home and your closet uniquely yours. From jewelry to clothing to kitchen decor, Rue Citrine helps you gradually build a tasteful wardrobe, home and office space over time via small batch monthly collections.